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Manipul modified DCA factory in Gonzalez Catan, Province of Buenos Aires in order to adapt it to the construction of the new Sprinter NCV3.

This NCV3 must circulate together with T1N units and there were modifications along the whole line, in body shop, paint shop and assembly line.

In body shop, the automated elevator was modified and a set up station was installed. Besides, 4 hangers were built and installed in order to transport T1N and NCV bodies.

In paint shop, two automated transfer tables were installed, one at the entry (from body shop to paint shop) and the other at the exit (from paint shop to assembly line). Besides, an electric overhead monorail was installed in order to use as hanger storage.

In assembly line, structure reinforces have been made and an electrical overhead monorail for bodies were installed in order to use it as a buffer. Elevators counterweights were reinforced, mattress dolly was adapted for motor assembly, scissor pneumatic table was adapted for the new vehicle and 60 new hangers were built.

Finally, new PLCs have been added together with its program in order to incorporate to Daimler Chrysler production planning system.