Automotive Industry

Ford Motor Argentina

A conveyor EOM Doorless was made in order to transport the doors of the Focus new model.

This conveyor has an approximate length of 800 meters, with 6 elevators and 2 accumulation areas.

In said EOM, through special devices, the operator removes the doors from the car to enter the assembly line in order to deposit them on the hangers placed on the elevators.

These hangers transport the doors to the assembly area where there are 15 workstations for the assembly of the doors, and afterwards they are carried to the assembly area where the doors are placed to the corresponding vehicle through devices designed for such purpose.

To assure the success of this process, the doors conveyor must be perfectly synchronized with the assembly line of the cars. Eighty-eight automatic carts were built with their corresponding hangers and mounting hooks for the only purpose of the transportation of the doors.

Moreover, the system has a maintenance platform where the operative tests are automatically carried out to each one of the carts. If test is not satisfactory, the cart will be automatically entered in the maintenance area for its later treatment. Two systems for the accumulation of carts were designed and built with assembled and non-assembled doors. These accumulations were made placing the carts at 45º in order to reduce the time taken to assembly the 80 vehicles.