Automotive Industry

General Motors Argentina

Manipul built a Chassis in Movement Drawer in Cordoba Province plant.

Chassis assembly process for motor vehicles requires that these vary its position regarding the operators installation tasks.

Because of this, chassis moves on a plates conveyor that keep it to a comfortable height for operator work; chassis moves continuously from station to other without stop.

In a determined point, chassis must change its position rotating 180º on its axis.

This process is based on a bridge with tracks and horizontal telescopic arms and vertical, that are adjusted automatically to the chassis height and long taking to this by you praise enabled points, elevating them of the backups that they contain it rotating them by means of a headrest of turn incorporated to the arms, after rotating it 210º and to maintain it in that The drawer returns to the 180º and the arms place again the chassis on the conveyor.

Once operation is finished, the drawer returns to its starting point and wait a new arrival chassis.

The whole process is carried out being chassis conveyor in movement and there is a synchronization between this and the drawer; this synchronization is carried out by encoders and PLC' s. that monitor and adjust the speeds of the drawer to those of the conveyor. Besides, there are aligned sensors in order to detect chassis position.