ArZinc S.A. (Sulfacid)

Manipul built an automatic peeling machine of plates of zinc in order o assemble in Sulfacid factory, Province of Santa Fe.

This machine is composed by three bodies assembled over hidaulic motorized wheels for tandem displacement.

In the first body is carried out the peeled through a peeling arm with automatic cleavers, the displacement of car is achieved through speed reducers.

The plates separated fall for gravity on a chain conveyor that carries them to a second module. This second module is the responsible for generating the battery of plates.

In the third module the accumulation of batteries is generated where two movable systems exist that separate the battery of the conveyor to chain to be able to be taken through the some of a car elevator the one that placed them for its storage or subsequent operation.

Besides, this machine is manufactured almost in its totality in steel AISI 316 due to the aggressive atmosphere (acid sulfuric) in which is found in operation.