Rio Tinto Brasil

Manipul developed engineering, fabrication and assembly of transfer equipment for load and unload iron mineral in San Nicolás de los Arroyos port, Province of Buenos Aires.

This system has 2.500 tons/hour capacity and is based on a 167 m long yard conveyor and 6 mobile conveyors in order to use them in tandem. The operation is based on when receiving iron ore from barges and loading ore into ships.

Yard conveyor is reversible (in order to use it not only for load but also for unload), is supported on sleepers, and has a mobile hopper and a tripper for mineral unloads.

Mobile conveyor system is composed by three 37 m long equipments and other three 50 m long ones. These equipments have slew pivot rings at tail ends (to facilitate slewing) and stackers up to 13 m lift.

These conveyors are equipped with wheels to allow translation and radial motion. Wheel bogies are equipped with hydraulic motors on their vertical axis to allow automated repositioning from longitudinal to radial travel mode.