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CRAFMSA Compañia Regional Aceros Forjados Mercedes

The engineering, building and assembly of an automatic phosphatizing and bonderizing system was developed in Villa Mercedes, Province of San Luis.

The installation consists of an automatic phosphatizing and bonderizing system for cylindrical pieces as previous treatment to cold forging.

Basically, it consists of two automate monorail suspended carts with an electric block. Manipul provided stainless steel baskets (AISI 316) are manually loaded. The cart automatically hooks the basket and automatically raises it and sets it into each of the six buckets with chemical and rinsing products up to the unloading. This unloading is automatically carried out thanks to the basket design and the pieces that enter in bulk into the press for cold forge.

The buckets are automatically controlled. They have burners, temperature controls and water level automatic control.

The heating of the product is carried out in the phosphatizing bucket by means of a double boiler so as to avoid damaging the phosphate. (This bucket was made of AISI 316 steel).