Petrol and Gas

YPF Lubricantes

Automatic Store, Peripheral and AGV´s

A new automatic system of Storage and Office was inaugurated by YPF in the distillery of Berisso, Buenos Aires, Province in 1998.

A lubricants automatic store was built with three transelevators and their peripheral. It consists of a conveyor system that links the manufacture exit lines with the different warehouses and these with the picking and shipping lines. The link between sections is carried out by a wire guided AGV type transport system (Automatic Guided Vehicles).

At the entrance of the automatic store, a garabit system verifies that the pallet sizes are in the sizes and conditions allowed to enter. It also controls shelves allowed maximum weight. The installation in completed with a roller conveyor system, double chain, transference table, revolving tables and wrapper.

YPF Lubricants. Intelligent Carts System.

Intelligent carts system for lubricant oil loaded pallet transport that links palletizing lines, intelligent store and picking line.