Management Policy


Manipul SAIC is a corporation devoted to providing engineering, manufacturing and assembling of equipment for moving materials.


Manipul SAIC is projected as a corporation with strong service profile, excellence and competence in such a way it can meet high quality standards, always aware of the care the environment requires and the security of the persons.

Manipul SAIC has the following purposes:

  • Satisfaying clients needs and expectancies.
  • Being a global provider of the main industries.
  • Continually improve the management system efficacy and the global performance of the organization.
  • To keep the security and the environment.


To check the Policy of the Management System in such a way to maintain the same according to the purposes of the organization.

Set up an adequate organization and assign duties, responsibilities and corresponding resources.

Periodically verify the fulfillment and effectiveness of the Management System.

Offer our capacity and experience to our clients, always aware of the legal requirements and regulations in force applicable to the product and environmental preservation and for the security and employment health.

Train the corporation staff to ensure their competence in the different activities to carry out.

To identify and control the environmental aspects.

Keep an adequate work atmosphere and prevent pollution.

Select and qualify providers strengthening and expanding our association with them.

To fix the general management purposes and to undertake ourselves to improve the performance.