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Brastemp Brasil

The assembly line for washing machines and its components was built in the plant located in the State of Río Claro, Brazil.

The installation consists of an assembly line for engines and shafts, tank lines, control lines and automatic tank storage.

Each of the lines end up in a final assembly line in the adequate area according to the suggested layout.

Each unit is built in an inverted position. Then, it is put in its definite position by an automatic revolver to complete the assembly.

Once finished, it goes into the area of hydraulic test, where different tests are carried out. In case they are approved by the inspection, they are automatically sent to the packing and shipping plant.

The departure of the product from the assembly plant is aerial, by means of a glass bridge. Then it goes into the shipping plant, where it is descended and later transported and identified with barcodes. It is palletized in four units to be shipped in trucks.