Automotive Industry


Sauce Viejo - Santa Fé

The plant for paint, dry and pre-assembly and final assembly of tractors was installed in the plant in Sauce Viejo, Santa Fe.

The project included the installation of a hundred and fifty meters long line consisting of a smooth plate conveyor where the unit is pre assembled with its engine, gear box, front and rear assembly. At the end of the line it is automatically taken by an elevator which places it in an overhead conveyor.

The overhead conveyor is Power & Free type, with 1,700 kg capacity per loaded unit. It carries the tractors through the washing and grease removal tunnel, the paint cabin and the drying oven. Later they are taken to the automatic unloading point which is in line with the final assembly line.

The final assembly line consists of a 150 fifty meters long smooth plate conveyor where the unit is completed with the assembly of body, wheels and different parts.