Automotive Industry

Ford Motor Argentina

Manipul developed a body shop installation for the construction of new pick up Ranger in Pacheco factory, Province of Buenos Aires.

Equipments are based on four parallel 120 m long two strand conveyors, elevated with automated transfers at the head line.

The whole management system for the installation is automated and sequence units stopping and buffering bodies according to the requirement.

Installation production capacity is one unit every 1’ 40´´.

From body shop to paint shop, bodies are transported automatically.

At the end of paint shop, painted bodies enters to a buffer, that allows sharing Ranger and Focus bodies. Basically, the installation is based on seven roller-fly conveyors which move skids with automated transfer system at the head line.

Storage logistic and unit’s delivery are realized by an internal software together with a control software that links Ford production management system.

Ranger and Focus bodies are assembled in high plant, so it is necessary to down those bodies to the assembly line through an automatic descensor.

Ranger assembly line is composed by a double flap-top conveyor with similar characteristics to Focus assembly line.